Final Project – due Fri Apr 3 ; Fri Apr 10 ; Thu Apr 16 ; Fri May 1 ; Thu May 7 ; Thu May 7 ; and Fri May 8
From now until the end of the semester you will be working with a team of students on a group software project.
Mini Project 4: Interactive Programming – due Wed Mar 11 ; Tue Mar 24 ; and Tue Mar 31
The big idea of this project will be to move from static programs (ones that are run, do some computations, and spit out a result) to interactive programs (ones that allow the user to perform actions that change the state of the program).
Mini Project 3: Text Mining and Analysis – due 10:50 am, Tue 10 Mar
Mini Project 2: Computational Art – due 10:30 am, Tue 25 Feb
In this assignment you will be exploring one particular means of using computers to generate images.
Mini Project 1: Gene Finder – due Tue Feb 4 ; and Tue Feb 11
In this assignment you will be writing a Python program that analyzes a DNA sequence and outputs snippets of DNA that are likely to be protein-coding genes. You will then use your program to find genes in a sequence of DNA from the bacterium Salmonella Enterica.